Why not start the trip to Legoland where it all began? Or almost started:
In 1921, Bjarne's grandfather proposed to the neighbor's maid. It was perhaps a little unusual courtship: "If I build a farm on the ground between your farm and ours, will you then help me to run it"? He got a yes. So when there was found adequate funding, the approved master carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen was contacted. Grandma and Grandpa were married in March 1923, the same year as prepared drawings and construction began. A very good quality construction, it was, since Ole Kirk Christiansen was not any carpenter, his company later was named LEGO, see the history here. As many will know, his motto was "Only the best is good enough."
All the touching and incredible story of Ole Kirk Christiansen and the LEGO is to be seen in a marvellous fine film on YouTube. (More than 7,2 mill. viewers)
Just so we don’t forget, you here get the name of my grandmother - yes, of course: KAROLINE. Therefore the name Karolinelund. Outbuilding with the apartments, was built in 1926 for employees on the farm, but have historically had several "facelifts" and is now quite modern and contemporary but still with a look from when it all started.
As a curiosity, we can recommend those who find the story interesting to cross over "to the other side of the brook", where Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1919-1921 built Skjoldbjerg Church. (GPS: Skjoldbjergvej 45, Vorbasse). Now anyone can understand that someone who had quality as his trademark built Karolinelund.
The following year, when Karolinelund was built, that was in 1924, burned Ole Kirk Christiansen's house on Main Street after boys playing with matches. Then Ole built the so-called Lion House. It appears frightful with lions in front of a house here on the moors. Rumor said, that it was probably to keep the creditors from the door. Later, as we know, it was not necessary. When you have seen Skjoldbjerg Church (1920-21), Karolinelund (1923) and Lion House (1924) you have an idea of ​​what Ole Kirk Christiansen has done in those years.